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Jul 25, 2017 at 05:42 AM

Using CMD_EI_API to Block/Unblock a Customer that is also a Branch Account


I made a program that uses this CMD_EI_API to Mark the Flag for Deletion(XD06) and/or Block/unblock(XD05) specific customers. However, i keep encountering an error if I am trying to do either or both of the operations I mentioned to a customer which is a branch account (has knb1-knrze). I traced this down to the method cmd_ei_api_check=>struc_knb1_plausibility_check.

I am passing X to SPERR under the company data and/or LOEVM under the central data, together with their corresponding DATAX entries. The error says, that the account itself is a branch account(error message F2 064).

Note though, that I can perform XD06 and XD05 to the same customer without encountering this message.

Would you be able to point out what I am missing?