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Jul 16, 2007 at 08:50 PM

CBS Build Error



I am on EP7.0 ERP05 NW04s and trying to modify ESS Family Members application . There was a bug fix in ESS 600 SP8 which was fixed in ESS 600 SP9 ,rather than applying the new SP I did the changes manually by copying the code from another country specific family members application (Italy) and it worked in my local when I try to checkin this newly copied code to DTR i get the following error during CBS Build :

[javac] ERROR: /usr/sap/T90/JC16/j2ee/cluster/server0/temp/CBS/5/.B/2498/t/38CA7D606285268FD263B5ED3D2BE89C/gen_wdp/packages/com/sap/xss/hr/per/us/family/fc/ cannot resolve symbol

[javac] ERROR: symbol : method updateValueHelp (java.util.List)

[javac] ERROR: location: interface

[javac] ERROR: wdThis.wdGetFcPerFamilyUSController().updateValueHelp(includedfields);

[javac] ERROR: ^

[javac] 1 error

I wonder for the cause for this..

Any help would be highly appreciated.