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Jul 16, 2007 at 03:39 PM

Data Source - BW 3.1 to BI 7.0


I have a question on data source configuration. Right now we have upgraded from BW 3.1 to BI 7.0. Please go through my question with little patience and any help at the earliest is highly appreciated...

We were on IA32 BW 3.1 and have migrated to AMD64 BI 7.0. We have used the database copy from BW 3.1 PROD to upgrade to BI 7.0 DEV and QAS. And in the next week or so, we will once again copy BW 3.1 PROD to create BI 7.0 PROD. Currently I am dealing with BI 7.0 DEV.

When I copied BW 3.1 PROD from IA32 to AMD64, and upgraded to BI 7.0, I had the same logical system name BW31PROD (that belongs to the BW 3.1 PROD). Also in RSA1 transaction, under the source system, I still see the source system R346CPROD (that belongs to the R/3 4.6C PROD).

I also wanted to let you know that we have already performed the upgrade from R/3 4.6C to ECC 6.0 SR2. When I did that, after the upgrade, I performed BDLS on ECC 6.0 DEV and converted the R346CPROD to ECC60DEV.

In the BI 7.0 DEV also, I have converted the BW31PROD logical system to BI70DEV.

The ultimate question now is, how do I point the existing source system under RSA1 transaction under source system to the new ECC60DEV logical system? I tried to execute BDLS on BI 7.0 DEV to also convert the logical system name R346CPROD to ECC60DEV. It completed the conversion with error messages at the end.

When I went to the RSA1 transaction and looked at my existing source system that was previous pointing to R346CPROD, I see that the BDLS activity has changed the name to ECC60DEV. Unfortunately, I only see that it has converted the name but, not actually changed the pointer to the ECC 6.0 DEV.

I am a bit confused as to what needs to be done next to change the pointer on the source system to be pointing to the new ECC 6.0 DEV system without losing all the data.

Your help is highly appreciated with due rewards.

Thank you.