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Jul 16, 2007 at 03:19 PM

Control -M and BW process chain


Hi Gurus

Would you please help to clearify the following doubts?

1. when we schedule V3 collective jobs , how many jobs we have to create in R3? if I go to LBWE and schedule the job , I can see the following jobs



we are extracting Data from LO ( sales and billing ).I have to tell the control -M administrator the number of jobs I have to schedule on ERP side through control-M. I am planning to schedule the collective run after every hour. so Do I need to tell them this 2 names only and configure the job to run after every hour?or shall I have to do something different?

P.S We are using all sales and billing extractors only.

2. I have already identified the number of process chains we need for master and transaction data but not sure how to tie them with control M! will it be through Event or shall I directly ask Control M to run Process chain? If I choose the second option then what job name I should give to control -M to run the chain?

Thanks in advance