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Jul 16, 2007 at 03:17 PM

Condition types


Dear SAP Gurus,

I have the question that my client have a approval matrix in which he define that:

sales employee can give discount from 1 to 7% he cant give 8% discount to its customer and he pass it to customer service dept and in customer service dept a pop up window appears for the approval.

customer service can give discount from 8 to 14%

sales manager can give the discount from 15 to 25%

And GM can give discount from 26 to 40%

so i want to know that how it is going to cater in SAP? for eg i have a condition type K007 so dis condition is goin to assign to sales employee to 1 to 7% in authorization role and he cant give 8% and same condition type will be use by customer service ,sales manger and GM with diffrent ranges dat mention above.

Now i just want to know that it can be done through authorization on the same condition for diffrent level or no? or i have to make diffrent condition types for diffrent levels?.Or is there any user exit of this kind of scenario?Please i need ur answer as soon as possible.coz its a critical problem over here.Your earlist rsponse will be appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,