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Jul 16, 2007 at 02:49 PM

Material Master Extraction


using below tables how to geterate a report

SAP Tables:

Table name Description

MARA General Material Data

MARC Plant data

MARD Storage Location Data for Material

MVKE Sales Data for Material

MAKT Material Descriptions

EKKO Purchasing Document Header

EKPO Purchasing Document Item

VABK Sales Document: Header Data

VBAP Sales Document: Item Data


A list of required inputs.


Field text Field name Reference table Parameter/Select-Option Mandatory/Optional

Material Number S_MATNR MARA Selection option Mandatory

Storage location S_LGORT MARD Selection option Optional

MRP Controller S_DISPO MARC Selection option Optional

Sales Organization S_VKORG MVKE Selection option Optional

Purchasing Document Number S_EBELN EKKO Selection option Optional

Plant P_WERKS MARC Parameter Mandatory

Display Out Put -- Parameter as Radio-Button

Download Out Put -- Parameter as Radio-Button

Both Display Download -- Parameter as Radio-Button

Out Puts

A list of required outputs.


Field text Field name Reference table

Material Number MATNR MARA


Storage location LGORT MARD

Material Description MAKTX MAKT


Sales Organization VKORG MVKE

Material type MTART MARA

Material group MATKL MARA

Base Unit of Measure MEINS MARA

Purchasing Document Number EBELN EKKO

Purchasing Document Item EBELP EKPO

Sales Document VBELN VBAK

Sales Document Item VBELP VBAP

Report Functionality:

Program Description: Report is intended to get all the materials per plant and material, By giving this we will extract the storage location stock, total stock cross all storage locations per material with sales document and purchasing document related to the material in Report format. On the selection screen provided three radio buttons in order to display Out Put, Download Out Put and Both Display Download Respectively .The output of this report is redirected to Excel Sheet on Request.