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Performance Tuning parameters for SAP PI 7.31

Jul 26, 2017 at 12:46 PM


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Hi ,

We are facing issue in our project where at 6 pm daily , 49 huge files (some around 50 MB size , one 270 MB file , etc) are picked by sender File channel and sent to external FTP server without mapping (pass thorough in ICO).

At some days , exactly at pm , some files of this interface stops all the other file based interfaces (only) and all file based interfaces go to 'To be delivered' state in Adapter engine .

Upon manually restarting the receiver FTP channel of this interface , the messages are processed successfully .

We observed that all the file threads are being consumed at that time and hence this behavior.

I read thorough a couple of SAP notes and scn blogs and we are planning to change the below properties in NWA :

Current values :


messaging.system.queueParallelism.queueTypes: " "

Send.maxConsumers:10 (for file)

Call.maxConsumers:12 (for file)


Proposed values :

messaging.system.queueParallelism.maxReceivers: 10 messaging.system.queueParallelism.queueTypes: IcoAsync

Send.maxConsumers:20 (for file)

Call.maxConsumers:20 (for file)


Please let me know if these values can help in this case .



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3 Answers

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Former Member Jul 27, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Proposed value changed for

messaging.system.queueParallelism.maxReceivers: 4

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Mark Smyth
Jul 27, 2017 at 12:49 PM

Hello Vaibhav,

Increasing the MaxThreadCount will not help here and at 700, this is already at a high setting for this parameter.

There are some other options for you to consider/test:

1) Please see the note 894509 PI Performance Check -> 8 MESSAGE SIZE AS SOURCE OF PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS and note 1727870 Handling of large messages in the Messaging System.

Further information on this topic:
SAP help: Properties Related to Large Message Handling

There is a blog on this topic here: Message size as source of performance bottleneck

Test this out and see if it gives you the required result.

2) Split the files into smaller chunks. See note 1783846 File splitting/Chunk mode processing for large File transfer

3) You could also consider processing the files at a later time when there is least resource usage on the system. You can use the Availability Time Planning to start the File channels at a chosen time.


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ambuj mishra Jul 28, 2017 at 01:11 PM


Please set the parameter as per point 2 (Restrict the number of threads per interface) as explained in this blog.

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