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Jul 16, 2007 at 01:40 PM

Depreciation method


Hello SAP Gurus

Please note that in our system we have catch up method designed. We are now doing our legacy data transfer. We are facing few issues in transfer. In certain old assets, depreciation posted is more then expected and the reason can be various over the years. So now when we bring these kind of assets in our new world, system is doing catch up method and taking up the extra depreciation. I can understand that it is due to catch up method assigned. So Gurus if I change the method to Smoothing, there will be no effect. But my quesstion is that will there be any other effects or is there any other way to bring these kind of assets and down the line to depreciate properly.

Secondly if we want to bring the unplanned depreciation, will be there any new settings to be involved to bring unplanned depreciation, becoz I tried posting unplanned through AS91 and when I went inot asset explorer, i saw that it is populating in unplanned column but also taking it off in prior period. What can be the reason.

Please advise.