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Jul 26, 2017 at 11:07 AM

Address Invalid message no XS007 - MDG Vendor creation



I am getting Error message Address invalid (msg no XS007) only in production system though providing correct data in the address. With same data i am not getting error in other system.

Error detail

Message no. XS007


The address specified is invalid or initial (address value , address type INT).

System Response

The action was canceled.

Additional information (if available):

Address is initial


Enter a correct address that is suitable for address type INT.

The formats are:

1. INT (Internet mail addresses): <name>@<domain> or

comment <name>@<domain> or

<name>@<domain> (comment)

2. FAX (fax addresses): <Country><Number>

3. X40 (X.400 mail) : C=<country>; A=<network operator> (At least these fields must be specified; usually P=<company> and S=<LAST NAME> are also required.)

4. RML (SAPoffice mail addresses): <system>:<client>:<user>

5. PAG (pager(SMS) addresses): <provider>:<number>

6. PRI (printer): <output device>

Please let me know if anyone faced same issue and what is the root cause and solution for the same.