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FD32 transaction to upload open items at receivables specific to credit control area

Jul 26, 2017 at 11:07 AM


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Dear All,

Hope all are fine.

I am at the crucial juncture,before completing the credit management implementation of a company code. As part of the cut over activities, trying to upload the open items for the customers from FBL5N transaction to the credit master data(FD32 transaction) against the receivables field. My problem is, for example I have two open items at FBl5N transaction for a customer that has to be uploaded to the FD32 for the same customer to the different credit control area. i.e The first line value is to one credit control area and the second line value is to another credit control area. We can upload the two line open items value to the same credit control area if we run the program "RFDKLI20" and maintained the OB38 transaction(Company code to credit control area combination).But in my case it should not be, as it has to be uploaded based on credit control area. If we have not maintained the OB38 transaction system is not uploading anything as it is a pre-requsite to upload the open items at FD32. if given, the entire value is uploaded to the same credit control area.

Please throw insights on this whether it is possible to achieve through standard or only through customization. if customization, which would be the best method to do this without having any neagtive implications probably.

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Veselina Peykova
Jul 27, 2017 at 06:56 AM

I am confused by your post, mostly because you mention transactions, which have little to do with data upoads and it is very likely that I completely misunderstood what is the actual problem.

From what I know, in OB38 you are supposed to maintain XKBBI = 'X', you can leave credit control area as blank (I prefer this to setting a default one), maintain allowed credit control areas for company code, which should make KKBER modifiable at document entry. Does this not happen in your case?

I suppose, that you use an upload program for the open items, but did you check in a test system whether you can post a document at least in foreground with a non-default KKBER?

Of course, a successful FB01 does not guarantee that an upload will work, but it is a starting point...

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Hi Vaselina,

Thanks for your above reply.In OB38, if I have maintained the Credit control area(KKBER) against the company code, the open items are getting updated only to the specific credit control area in the Credit master data(FD32). The upload program used is "RFDKLI20-Re-organisation of credit data" to update the receivables in FD32 master data. But my requirement is, the open times should not be updated to the specific credit control area for a customer as it has to be updated to the different credit control areas for the same customer in the credit master data. So that's the reason i have left the OB38 field to be empty and tried using the Program "RFDKLI20" but it is not updated as the OB38 is a pre-requisite to maintain against the company code to use the program. If we have assigned, then all the open items are updated to the same credit control area for a customer in the Credit master data, as i have tested it in the testing system properly.


Karthick S.


Are your open items (FB03) updated with the correct KKBER before you run RFDKLI20?

From what I know, RFDKLI20 is not creating open items, it only reorganizes credit data.

My understanding is, that your OB38 setting should look like this:

and that you have specified allowed credit control areas for the company code in order to post the open items with alternative KKBER.

In addition, you have maintained credit accounts for both credit control areas.

Is this what you have done so far?

What happens if you try to run the program for a single customer (2 entries for this KNKLI in KNKK and at least 2 documents with no special G/L with different KKBER) in a test system? Do you receive any messages? What happens if you enter both credit control areas for testing purposes in the selection screen and just this one customer? We have implemented a similar configuration (1 BUKRS - multiple KKBER) a few years ago and I cannot remember any serious issues with initial data.

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