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Jul 16, 2007 at 12:00 PM

WM-inventory > block WM inventory booking of materials that are out of use


Dear All,

Sorrowfully, our part numbers change frequently. To avoid mistakes, we mark the old part numbers (that are out of use) with deletion flag at client level (MM06).

This is good to ban the IM inventory booking of 'old' materials.

But this deletion flag doesn't help in WM: WH workers execute the inventory bookings in WM without any problem, after this, when the IM inventory booking comes, the old part numbers cannot be booked (in IM).

How can we block the WM-inventory booking of these materials (materials are marked with deletion flag at warehouse level as well)?

Thanks for your help.


(Of course we should use proper p/n during inventory and have a stable p/n system, but it doesn't depend on me)