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I have a requirement an element Link.

We have Four different BLOCKS and each block have different data set.

If the users click any LOV in BLOCK 1 then the BLOCK 2 data should change accordingly.( I have done using of Report Element Link)

Also they want to show RESET Text, when the users clicks any LOV in BLOCK 1 the BLOCK 2 data should filter it based on BLOCK 1 table LOV Selection and the RESET Text should show.

Default the RESET Text will be hidden (I have done this using of below formula.)

=If(Length([ReportFilter])>=59 ;"RESET")

Now one more requirement but this I couldn't not able to achieve it. Need Your help.

When users click BLOCK 1 LOV, the RESET Text should enable for only BLOCK 1

When users click BLOCK 3 LOV, the RESET Text should enable for only BLOCK 3

But currently the RESET Text Hiding and Showing for both when I click Either BLOCK 1 or BLOCK 3 (behaving for both Block).

For example: When I click the BLOCK 1 LOV , the RESET Text is showing both BLOCK1 also BLOCK 3 but its should show only BLOCK1 RESET Text .

I am trying to achieve this using of below formula but no luck.

=If(BlockName()="Table Block (3)" AND Length([ReportFilter])>=59 ;"RESET")

=If(Length([ReportFilter])>=59 ;"RESET") Where (BlockName()="Table Block (2)")

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