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Jul 25, 2017 at 12:07 PM

Issue in actual activity price calculation for production order


Hi experts,

Good Evening.

Sub: Issue in actual activity price calculation for production order.

We are using Cost center splitting process to get update the actual price for activities/production cost center using in production order.

Scenario -1: We have created a production in June, completed the confirmation (Co11N) and performed the KSII- executed actual price calculation and KSS2 -actual cost splitting ,accordingly we have performing either T.code MFN1-Revaluation at actual price( for single order)/CON2- Revaluation at Actual price( at plant level).

All the above steps were performed in June month( including execution date was 30.06.2017) i.e, with in the same month.

Outcome: System is calculating the actual price and updating the difference in cost against to confirmation cost(Co11N) as expected- no issue in this scenario.

Scenario -2:

Production created in June, but from steps CO11N to MFN1 steps mentioned above were performed on July 1st, for previous month June 17, which is normal practice. Here system is not working as expected. i.e, instead of updating the actual price against to the activities, it is reversing the total confirmation cost, so, the cost booked at Co11N is becoming Zero. So we are having only RM cost during month end closing for WIP, in above second scenario.

Actually system should pick the cost, as we are performing the above steps for previous month June 17. But is not picking.

We have checked the cost center splitting configuration and setting at controlling area level, we could not get any clue.

Could anyone suggest why system is not taking actual cost in second process when we execute the steps in next month with respect to previous month end closing?

Request you to share your suggestions.