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I need to download pdf spool with more than 9000 pages

Jul 24, 2017 at 11:16 PM


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Hi forum

I have a spool with more than 90000 pages which was converted to a .PDF file running the program RSTXPDFT4, I want to download it to my computer, Then download the contents of that new spool request with report RSTXPDFT5 but whitout success because the number of pages is more than 90000. Please how can I download this second spool? Thank you very much


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Out of Curiosity....

9000 or 90000 pages makes me wonder what kind of document is that,that is getting created in SPOOL from SAP.

Are you working on any IS Module related to Printing and Publishing ?



What useful purpose can a 90000 page document possibly serve.

But in any case we need to know what happens when you try to download it. "Without success" isn't really very explanatory.


The download of a binary file (your PDF) is not sensitive to the "number of pages" , so could you please explain why you say "[download] without success because the number of pages is more than 90000" ? Did RSTXPDFT4 generate a spool request containing a binary PDF part ? Did you check the SAP notes ?

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3 Answers

Cleopas Barredo Jul 24, 2017 at 11:46 PM

Have you tried output device LOCL then choose PDF Printer like "Microsoft Print to PDF" or "Nitro PDF Creator".

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No, I have not tried it,

How do I do it?

Thank you very much



Caution: Are you going to print 90000 pages ?



BTW what SAP Version you are using? On ECC 6 there is an option on tcode SP01-> Spool Request-> Forward-> Export as PDF.

How do you generate your Printing, via Background Job or Foreground?

Your last resort would be to reprint using Windows PDF Printer. I write the instruction below on how to create the LOCL.

BASIS Transaction:

1. Install any PDF Generator on your Windows OS (choose either Microsoft PDF or Nitro on my case) and set it as your default printer.

2. Create Frontend Output Device LOCL


* GOTO Access Method Tab Host Spool: F Printing on Frontend Computer Host Printer: __DEFAULT

* Then SAVE

When using LOCL via background job, don't set it on print immediately.

5. After the Job, Call transaction SP01 or SP02 then locate your spool number.

6. Select the Spool Number then choose "Print Directly", This will call the windows PDF Printer.

Note: This will not work on spool job using output device other than LOCL using "Print with changed Parameters Options"

If you are always generating 90,000 pages regularly and wanted it to download as PDF, I suggest you to Add an Option on your print program to print as an OTF; this option will directly generate a PDF Data.

You may also activate the SAP PDF Printer using SPAD Transaction also, this is only available on SAP ECC version.


No, I just want to download it to a PDF file


BTW, what error causing the program RSTXPDFT5 to terminate, is it relating to a run time error? You can try to run the standard program RSTXPDFT4 and RSTXPDFT5 via background job.

Please give more details what exactly was your error, I have tried program RSTXPDFT5 on my purchase order which contain only 1 pages and the PDF file is not readable using adobe acrobat. The program RSTXPDFT4 work fine for me on both foreground and background job.

Ram Burugu Jul 25, 2017 at 03:16 AM

Is RSTXPDFT5 timing out? Might you can copy RSTXPDFT5 into a new program and change it to write to the application server and later download it from there. I know it could be a one time event, but just letting you if there is no other option you could find.

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Volker Binder Jul 25, 2017 at 02:34 PM

We solved a similar problem by downloading the spool as text directly from SP01 -> Spool Request -> Forward -> Export as Text

Don't know if this is an option ...

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Thank you very much. But I need the file to be in pdf format