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Account Based COPA - SD Integration

Jul 24, 2017 at 06:05 PM


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We are implementing only Account based COPA. Costing based COPA will remain inactive in system. I have few queries as most of the COPA guidelines available are for costing based COPA-

1) In Account based COPA, should a sales order have an assignment to profitability segment? Since there is no FI/CO posting when a sales order is created, is is really required to have an assignment to profitability segment? Do we need to activate "transfer of incoming sales orders to COPA" in KEKF?

2) We have Project System active in system and each line of Sales Order has a mandatory assignment to a WBS element. Will it interfere with COPA (profitability segment assignment) ?

3) Do we need to create number ranges? Since Account based COPA doesn't create COPA documents and the controlling documents have assignment to profitability segment, do we still need to create number ranges?

4) Is there any specific setup to ensure goods issue and billing data flows into COPA?

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Waman Shirwaicar
Jul 28, 2017 at 09:02 AM


1. If account based COPA is active then by default PA segment is created on sales order (no seperate customizing required)

2. If WBSE is also present on the sales order then it takes precedence over PA segment. If you have settlement rule to PA segment in WBSE then you can settle it to COPA at period end / invoicing complete

3. Check for number range for object COPA_OBJ

4. This is happen by default. But again if you have account assignment to WBSE then the values will flow to WBSE and only via settlement will they flow to COPA



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Hi Waman,

Thanks a lot for the inputs.

After a round of testing, we have observed-

1) PSG is not getting populated in Sales Order Line item as WBS is a mandatory field there. The only option is to settle WBS Element to PSG. We have created a new settlement rule and allocation structure to make this work.

2) The WBS did settle to PSG but the Sales Order Characteristics like Customer, Sales Org, Distribution Channel etc are not populating in the PSG. Are these supposed to automatically flow to PSG from Sales Order through WBS or we need an enhancement for this to work?

Thank You,



Hi Abishek,

Appreciate it if you can enlighten me here. I'm also implementing Account Base COPA only.

I give WBSE in the SO item. WBSE got the plan Sales value from the SO item. I posted actual cost to the WBSE and actual billing to the WBSE too. I give PSG as the settlement receiver in WBSE Settlement rule. I hit error: PA transfer structure not maintained, when I run CJ88 after running RA via KKA2.

Account based COPA will not have Value field maintained. To set-up PA transfer structure, I need to map CE to Value field which is not maintained in Account based COPA. So, I would like to know from you how you are able to settle WBS to PSG.

Thanks & regards,


Waman Shirwaicar
Aug 07, 2017 at 11:26 AM


Refer note 689359 - CJB1/CJB2 Transfering char. to profitability segment.

Is the sales order number coming in the PA segment ? It will come only if there is 1:1 relationship between the SO and the WBSE.

If the sales order is available in the PA segment of the settlement rule but the other sales chars are not then you can create a table lookup to fill them during the settlement



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