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Jul 24, 2017 at 05:38 PM

PowerDesigner 16.5 UpdateModelFromDatabase function in VBscript



I am trying to write a script that compares two physical data models. I already have a PDM on my repository and I want to compare it to a reverse-engineered PDM which is the DB production version of the same model. The idea is to update the repository version when the production version changes. I was wondering if there was a function in VBScript that was doing the same thing (or almost) as the "UpdateModelFromDatabase" option on the PowerDesigner GUI. I also noticed the "Compare" function in VBScript, which could potentially help me. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documentation around and it is hard to know how to include the differents parameters to correctly use that function.

I am seeking the attention of someone who ever tried to code something like I'm describing. Thanks a lot in advance for your precious help.