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Jul 13, 2007 at 08:46 PM

Bidders notification of bid invitations, auctions and bids by email problem


Hi SRM Gurus.

This is my first post on SDN, and I'm sorry if the context of my problem is a little confuse, and my english errors... but any response pertinent will be of great value, and off course, rewarded...

I have to say too, that I'm participating of my first implementation of SRM, and if the responses been detailed, i will appreciate that.

I'm configuring the workflow for SRM 5, SP 9, and my problem is relative to bidder notification by e-mail. When an auction is published, I supposed that an e-mail should be sent to bidders, but isn't. By the SBWP, I made a test, sending a message to myself, and i received with success. Making other process, like shopping cart, I saw the workitem created, but with a auction published, I don't see one. I mean, my problem is know why the message generated for the bidder invitation aren't going to SCOT.

I already configured the a job for program, RSWUWFMLEC, and RSWUWFML2 (for test), and nothing. I don't scheduled yet the program RSCONN01 because I don't want that email be sent, and only fall on SOST.

I already check the configuration of (FORWARD_WI) 'Flag: Forward work item'', maintained on PPOMA_BBP, and looks fine.

So, any suggestion? Is a workflow process that is responsible to generate the email to be sended, or is any configuration of EBP ? Somebody could describe the process of notification (email) to bidders ?

Thanks in advance.

Julio Tavares