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Jul 13, 2007 at 07:39 PM

Query structure limited to 999 elements


We have a situation where we are exceeding the allowed number of elements in our query (BW 3.5). The major problem is the way the query counts the elements.

Imagine we have CKF1, having 10 elements, and we have CKF2, having 5 elements. If we use these in our query, we would have 15 elements. ThatÂ’s logical. If we would then apply another CKF3, being the sum of CKF1 and CKF2, then we will add again 15 elements to our query, totalling 30 elements. So for every reused CKF in another one, he recounts all the elements from the used Key Figures.

Within a cost breakdown report, we easily reach 999+ elements if BW calculates this way.

Question is, do you have a solution for this, and how does BW 7.0 behave in this situation?

Kind regards,

Vereecken , Jan

+32 477 418 928