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Jul 25, 2017 at 07:39 AM

Fault message in SOAP outbound Sync when response is in HTML


Hi Guys,

My Scenario is Synchronous outbound. We are sending request from ECC and getting response. We are getting authorization error for the users who dont have access. I have only 1 xsd which I have used for request and response. I dont have any error structure from Third party. So I made a below Fault message and imported it as a external definition.

The HTML response which I get in SOAP UI

<h3>[HTPRP0102]Authorisation failed!
<br>dcx.eva.advanced.urlcall.exception.AuthorisationFailedException occurred!
<br>Command is /process_claim

The XSD Which I have made for fault message which I use in External definition is">;

The system error which I get in PI is

Transmitting the message using connection SOAP_ failed, due to: SOAP: Response message contains an errorXIAdapter/HTTP/ADAPTER.HTTP_EXCEPTION - HTTP 402 [HTPRP0102]Authorisation failed

My motive is to send the authorization error in Payload in ECC. I am not sure how to proceed here.