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Jul 13, 2007 at 06:44 AM

No Check Information generated.........?????


Hi Friends

Got a doubt in APP.

we hav 2 house banks: IDBI - A/c ID-1234 and SCB- A/c ID- 2222. For both banks Cheque Lot 1 has been created with 100 cheques in each lot.

Now while running APP i want to print checks. But the problem is that when we run APP with house bank IDBI a new check is created automatically. But if we run APP using HB- SCB, though the payment is made to vendor no check information is created. All parameters and variant details remain same. only thing changed in ZRFFOUS_C: 'Variant' is House Bank from IDBI to SCB or vice-versa as required. Output device is also maintained.

So why is this happening? Like if I pay from one bank to same vendor check information is generated and if i pay that vendor thru other bank No check information is generated.?

Can anyone pls share something on this. (Bit Urgent pls)

Thank You