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Jul 24, 2017 at 11:31 PM

BPC 10.1 Consolidation Embbeded or Classic?


Hello experts,

We are starting a Consolidation BPC project and we have BPC 10.1 Embbeded installed on BW on Hana.

The compoonents are in the image below.

As far as I understand it is possible to have consilildation in Embbeded model the objects (InfoCubes and Characteristics) must be created on BW and then mapped to BPC. In some sites I found that Consolidation is not supported in others that it is supported but doesn't have all the functionality. As today I have the next questions:

* What would be more convinient to develop BPC Embbeded or Classic for Consolidation?

* If we have already Embbeded, is it possible go back to Classic if the more convinient option is Classic?

*Would it be enogh to have active the EnvironmentShell to have Classic version or do we have to perform more activities?

Thanks in advance for your posts.

Best Regards


components.png (32.8 kB)