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PowerDesigner for Replication

Jul 24, 2017 at 10:34 PM


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Hi Gurus

I´m triying to use PowerDesigner 16.5 to work with replication server, but, when I create a new model, do nt appear the "data movement" type, only "free model" "multimodel report" and "physical model" ¿ how can I do to work with RepServer ?

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2 Answers

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George McGeachie Jul 25, 2017 at 03:15 PM

I didn't know you could download it that way :).

I think your ASE licence is driving this, rather than Replication Server. You'll probably have to raise with SAP, unless someone else here has an answer for you.

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Ok. Thanks a lot

George McGeachie Jul 25, 2017 at 09:15 AM

PowerDesigner limits the kind of models you can create, according to your licence. I've never come across a licence that only allows you create PDMs (the other two are generic stuff, so I don't count them). What type of licence do you have?

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I Download it with my SAP Marketplace account. I have licenses of ASE and Replication Server. When install dont ask me for a license. The versión is 16.5


I found this Lic file in my install directory PD16_5_OEMPhyArchitect

# Sybase Software Asset Management License File PACKAGE PD_PA SYBASE COMPONENTS="PD_SHELL PD_PDM PD_FRM" \ OPTIONS=SUITE_RESERVED SUPERSEDE ISSUED=10-jan-2013 \ SIGN2="1C20 960E 8858 A71E BE69 CC02 03F8 A15A CAD6 1930 92E1 \ 24A8 E773 B47C 2664 1BF0 DD3A 724C 8A15 FA46 2210 E0C9 F437 \ BF4A 1FDA C81E CC66 417B DA76 859E" INCREMENT PD_PA SYBASE 16.5 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=PKG=PA;LT=SS HOSTID=ANY PLATFORMS="i86_n x64_n" \ ISSUER="CO=Sybase, Inc.;V=16" ISSUED=10-jan-2013 \ NOTICE="Physical Architect Bundled License" SIGN2="17A4 2990 \ 0255 6217 288F C3A1 8272 4D80 738D 4A7A 6122 81B4 07A6 011F \ 1266 174F F38B CA18 A8A3 6A5D 4AAA 2A6C 8E03 60B1 741A 8ACE \ C714 D88C 9E19 E376"