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Jul 24, 2017 at 04:59 PM

Requirement to inspect an MIC in an inspection plan only once in a year (For inspection type 01)


Dear Experts,

I have a requirement from my customer as given below

In an inspection plan for a material, we have 3 MIC's in the inspection plan say

1. MIC- A

2. MIC-B

3. MIC-C

All these 3 MIC's will be included in the inspection plan for the material. As of now all these 3 MIC's are being inspected for inspection lots with inspection type 01.

Now there is a requirement to inspect the MIC-C only once in a year ie when the vendor is supplying the first lot in the beginning of the year like january 2018 i need to inspect this MIC. For the rest of periods eventhough the MIC-C is included in the inspection plan the business dont want to inspect it. Please let me know if this requirement is logical. I checked it but i couldnt find any ways for it

Please provide your inputs