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DT license entitlement in SAP ASE 16 SP 03.

I was installing SAP ASE 16 SP 03 in our setup and I find that the development and testing(DT) license option which were available in earlier versions is no longer available in SAP ASE 16 SP 03.I could see a new EV (Evaluation) license option available.

Is DT license option replaced with EV in SAP ASE 16 SP 03?

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  • Interesting !!

    We upgraded to ASE 16.0 SP02 PL05 recently and that does have a DT license type.

    So going by your observation license type(s) seems to have changed from SP02 to SP03.

    What do SAP folks have to say ??


  • Former Member Avinash Kothare

    I found a KBA for missing DT licenses in SP03.

    2497940 - DT license type not available from SAP ASE 16 SP03

    The developer edition is a deprecated feature starting SP 03.



  • Thanks Kaustubh

    I have noted that. Will be helpful in case we decide to upgrade to ASE 16 SP03 !



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  • Jul 24, 2017 at 09:52 PM

    Just my $0.02 worth ...

    Unless you've got an application that is looking specifically for a license tagged as 'DT', you should be good-to-go with the (newer) 'EV' license.

    I seem to recall that when I reviewed the components that are enabled with the 'DT' and 'EV' licenses, I found the 'EV' license was a super set of the 'DT' license (eg, newer features/components were licensed under 'EV' but not 'DT').

    I've swapped out my mix of CP, SR and DT licenses for the newer 'EV' licenses on my Solaris x86 and Linux VMs. All of my servers (ASE, SRS, DataAssurance) are now running fine with the 'EV' license.

    The one potential downside with the 'EV' license is that it expires after 12 months, so you'll need to put a reminder in your calendar to renew the license before it expires. [See SAP License Keys for Preview, Evaluation and Developer Versions for 'EV' license generation.]

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    • Some murky waters here .

      In some companies this could pose as a compliance issue.

      Evaluation is not same as development and/or testing.

      Though allowing more features out of the box, as you observed there is an expiry date on the EV license.

      And that means doubling up when expiry date is around the corner.