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Jul 12, 2007 at 11:08 PM

authorization by user exit


Hi everybody

I want to share the authorization of a query / web template via variables and a user-exit.

I have created an authorization x1 that has one variable for values and one variable for hierarchy nodes.

The hierarchy contains different Infoobjects on different node levels.

For testing I replaced the variables by fix values. But I can only get the thing running when I put in the top node of the hierarchy for the hierarchy part. As soon as I put in a lower node (a node based on another Infoobject) I get a short dump.

By reading the SapHelp I found that in a hierarchy variable I have to put the nodevalue in the range_low and the name of the infoobject in range_high. So I guess I can use one variable for different Infoobjects as I need to.

Interesting side event is that when I execute the query in RSRT I do not get a authorization error but everyting works fine. As soon as I execute it in the web I get a dump.

When I trace the error I get a RC = 3 in function 'BICS_PROV_SET_HIERARCHY.

Can anybody tell me how I have to implement the variables for my hierarchy using different InfoObjects on different node levels?

Thank you very much!

Kind regards


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