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Jul 12, 2007 at 09:28 PM



Hi all,

I am getting Abap runtime dump "ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY" There is already a line with the same key.

details are..........

Program............. "SAPLRMPU "

Error analysis

You wanted to add an entry to table "\PROG=RMPU_SEL_SCREEN\DATA=REP_SR-PKHDIX",

which you declared with a UNIQUE KEY. However, there was already an entry with thesame key.

This may have been in an INSERT or MOVE statement, or within a

SELECT ... INTO statement.

In particular, you cannot insert more than one initial line into a

table with a unique key using the INSERT INITIAL LINE... statement.

What might be the Cause of Error?

How to correct this Error?

It is an Standard SAP program if u have any OSS notes Regarding this please mention.