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Jul 12, 2007 at 07:52 PM

CATS Workflow


Our original CATS workflow designers have recently left and we are now having issues where workflows are hanging, even though they have been approved.

The workflow is putting item into inbox and users go through portal to view and approve the time sheet per pernr field. The workflow seems to hang even though I can see on CATSDB where an approval was done. The workflow just seems to stall instead of going down the approval path. It eventually goes through a deadline monitoring step which creates a delinquent approval event, that the workflow will end 2 days later. We are on ERP2005. An ABAP is running that creates these CATS workflows every 15 seconds. Probably around 200-250 getting created and program runs about an hour.

Any idea how to trouble shoot? Could it be a buffering issue, or lock entries, etc..

Is too much activity happening with CATSDB? One could actually be bring up same work items at the same time as another person, but either one that approves it seem should go down the work item approval path of the workflow. Not all workflows stall. Some work correctly as they should. We just don't have a pattern of the problem to concentrate on.

Has anyone experienced this or may have some idea as to what to monitor on the next run of the program?