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Jul 12, 2007 at 04:53 PM

BI 7.0 upgrade; RSEC_MIGRATION program - necessary to select users/groups?



I have a question regarding program RSEC_MIGRATION, which semi-automatically migrates from the old reporting authorization concept to the new analysis authorization concept in BI 7.0. In the documentation from SAP and other presentations, it says to select the users to migrate over. (As an FYI, I have searched extensively on the SAP BI forum and didn't find a specific answer).

I am a bit puzzled as to why you'd have to select the users (and groups) since the migration originates in the dev system (per Amelia Lo's presentation and others, "Pre-requisite: a user group must be complete and self-contained!"). From my understanding, the users are selected so that an option to assign the new analysis authorizations directly to the users can be selected (if so desired); however, can the step of choosing users NOT be executed? We are going to test the migration steps in the sandbox to understand how the migration works; we will actually do it in the dev system, of course.

The end users don't have accounts in dev, so I would like any insight to this program; we don't have our sandbox system yet, so I can't test, but I am just trying to better detailed understanding.

Also, per SAP, S_RS_ICUBE, S_RS_MPRO, S_RS_ISET and S_RS_ODSO will no longer be checked during query processing. Instead, the check is performed using special characteristics 0TCAIPROV, 0TCAACTVT and 0TCAVALID.

Would any values for the various infoproviders and cubes in those obsolete objects be populated automatically for the 0TCAIPROV characteristic?

We are planning on doing a mock migration in the sandbox to understand how things work, but any feedback from those of you who've got through it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!