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Jul 12, 2007 at 01:24 PM

CU&UC : Upgrade from 46C to ECC60


Hi all,

I've received the latest upgrade kit SR2 (Windows x64+Oracle), and start the preparation phase, and before the preparation, I've imported the latest Kernel and r3trans to be up-to-date, and if phase "TOOLIMP4_UCMIG" got a error :

ERROR: tp terminated with error status -1

See logfiles with extension .ECO for details.

ERROR: 2 errors detected during TOOLIMP4_UCMIG.

ERROR: 1 activities have been aborted in TOOLIMP4_UCMIG.

ERROR: Operation(s) not completely processed.

Remaining change requests found in buffer TT1.

Ignoring aborted import steps will cause severe inconsistencies

and will likely require a full repeat of the whole upgrade.

!!! Do not manipulate the import buffer !!!

Analyze summary error logfile TOOLUCMIG.ELG

and remove all error conditions in the way

it is described in the upgrade manual. Repeat

this phase until it is error free.

Additional hints may be given in logfiles

SLOG700 and D:\usr\sap\put\log\R3up.ECO

And in the log file slog700 we have:

STOP SET STOPMARK TT1 20070712150210 tt1adm s40saptt


START DD IMPORT TT1 H 20070712150210 tt1adm s40saptt

ERROR SAPK700VT6 TT1 H 0016 20070712150211 SAPUSER tt1adm s40saptt

STOP DD IMPORT TT1 H 20070712150211 tt1adm s40saptt

ERROR: stopping on error 16 during DD IMPORT

STOP put TT1 0016 20070712150211 tt1adm s40saptt

please advise...


Aziz Kamel