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Jul 12, 2007 at 10:42 AM

Dismentalling of finished product.


There is one scenarion at my client site which is as follows:

1. Suppose there is only one production order of say qty:200nos with one prod. order say: 1000265.

Now,I confirm the production qty say: 20nos. against that above order.And the product goes for sale after making the invoice.

Now, Suppose in transit 2 nos.becomes damage out of 20 nos. but I know there are some child parts which i can use after dismentling that 2 nos. Physically I can dismentel the product but how can i map this in SAP. Should I cancel the production confirmation after reversing all the documents but if I do so then whole 20 nos. will be cancelled coz I had confirmed 20 nos. at that time but only 2 nos. has been damged.

Plz help me out of this scenario.Client wants to dismentel the whole product so that he could use rest of the child parts.

Thanks & waiting for prompt reply.