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Overhead calculation: Project with one costing sheet and WBS with different costing sheet

Jul 21, 2017 at 02:46 PM


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Hello Experts,

I'm not very familiar with this CO-PS process.

We have a Project and multiple WBS - all with a costing sheet X with the exception of a single WBS with costing sheet Y. All of these WBS are the same level.

Now I schedule a batch job: Execute CJ45 for all WBS with costing sheet X & Y.

My confusion is:

1. Whether running a single job for all WBS in a project with different costing sheet causes any issue?

2. Is there a need to calculate OH for the single WBS with costing sheet Y separately during month end?

Please help me out.



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Maria Terence Jul 23, 2017 at 06:56 AM

Hi Mahesh,

Exactly what issue you are facing, is the overhead calculation is not correct ?

Practically execution with Multiple WBS element and Multiple Costing sheet should not be a problem, in case of any issue, first try to pick WBS element with same Costing sheet and see whether it calculates correctly. So this can reduce your confusions first.



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Hello Maria,

Thanks for your answer. Right now I'm not getting any issue. I have scheduled CJ45 for multiple WBS multiple costing sheet as of now. I was worried if different costing sheets for WBS under the same project has some potential to cause problems - such as if they are not calculated in a set sequence or so.




Hello Maria,

We had our OH calculation job run finally and came across a different issue. There is no OH calculation being done for newly configured Project/WBS/Network.

  • We compared this one with a Project differing only in company code. However its OH was successfully calculated. The costs were of same nature - same cost elements, same costing sheet, same controlling area etc.
  • It was the same overhead job for both the above projects of different company code. But no error message or any information about the WBS/Networks of the new project - it was totally not considered by the job for calculation.

Since this issue has left us puzzled, we raised an OSS message.