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Jul 12, 2007 at 07:55 AM

Do you know about File Adapter's mechanism?


When i read Tuing Document, found question about File Adapter.


File Adapter

You configure File adapter sender channels by specifying one directory where files are located. <b><u>To guarantee Exactly-Once processing of files, multiple J2EE server nodes are synchronized using enqueue locks when accessing this directory</u></b>. Therefore, adding J2EE server nodes will not improve the performance of such a scenario. To get a higher degree of parallelism and increase throughput, you can split the files to be processed into different directories. You can then set up several File adapter sender channels to process these files in parallel.


so is that means "XI has locked the directory"?

and so we must do separate each directory for a file. is it right?

Hehe.. who know the File Adapter mechanism?

I wish yours smart answer.. bye