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Jul 12, 2007 at 07:47 AM

File Location cannot be accessed!!!


Dear Gurus,

We have made a fresh installation and everything seems to work perfectly. The installation is made on the local server with local user admin and it is not present on the 'X' domain. Well we are doing an Idoc to File scenario now. In the scenario in ID, when we specify the target directory, which is on the 'X' domain, it is not able to access that location...The file is shared and entire access is given.

The erros is Component Monitoring is "Target directory <b>'
computer name\folder' does not exist"</b>..

From the server, local admin, when he tries to access other computers on the domain 'X', he has to provide the username and password. But in File scenario, we cannot give that user id and password, I believe.

When we try writing the file to the local computer where XI is installed, it works and even FTP also works as it uses username and password.. Is there any particular config or anythin that has to be done so that this issue can be resolved?

Please let me know if you need further clarifications..