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Jul 12, 2007 at 07:45 AM

xd07 change customer ac/group


Hi all,

i want to change my customer ac group from ship to party to sold to party i have followed the following system

1) Go to XD07

2) Give customer number and press enter

3) System displays current a/c grp and asks for the new a/c grp

4) Give the new a/c grp and press enter.

5) Now if there is a problem with masking system throws a message that

conversion cant be done. Masking is nothing but a field which is there in source

a/c grp but has been supressed in target a/c grp. If you are using standards, you

will not face this problem for a change from SH > SP

6) Give the additional information needed to create a sold to party that is not

available in Bill to Party as asked by the system.

i am in 6.0 version

but the system is not going to change

when i am going to last screen it is automatically skipping to first screen

can any body please solve my problem