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Copy Inspection Result from open Inspection Lot

Jul 20, 2017 at 06:14 PM


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Dear Expert,

We are using Copy Inspection Result function using Data Origin 02 "Previous Inspection Lot". This is working fine if we copy from Inspection Lot with status UD. But client requirement is that they can copy from the Inspection Lot with status INSP PREQ and characteristics status 3 (valuated). This is because the inspection lot may still waiting for the UD but the admin already need to copy the result to others inspection lots.

Is there any standard SAP way that we can use to achieve this function?



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1 Answer

Craig S
Jul 21, 2017 at 02:10 PM

I do not believe so.

You can look at the FM's provided by SAP used in the process and, possibly copy them to a Z function module and where you would make the logic consider inspection lots with no UD. Then this would be configured in as a new selection option in configuration.

The danger here is that as long as the UD has not been made yet, the results can be unlocked and modified which then would make the downstream lot out of sync with the upstream lot. You might be able to place some controls a couple of ways. When you do FM mods you only allow it to use characteristics with status of 5. Then by security you can limit who can unlock a MIC with a status of 5 so that you can put in manual procedures to make sure any downstream lots are also updated.

The other option is to keep the SAP functionality as is. But add a new UD code that performs no stock postings. Once the last result is recorded, a UD code, something like COMP - "All results completed" is applied to the lot. Thus the UD is made so results can be copied, but the stock remains in QI. Those folks doing the release of product then come back in later and change the code from COMP to A for Accepted or whatever code you normally use which then posts the stock to UR. once all the necessary reviews are done.

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Thanks Craig,

I think the workaround with the dummy UD Code is a good idea. Only thing is, we are using automatic UD here. The admin only doing data entry for RR, and the auto UD should take care from there. If there are any issues, then Supervisor will jump in and do UD for Reject or any others. If the admin enter the dummy UD so that he can do inspection result copy, then the first lot will not be auto UD-ed.

Maybe the best solution is to create custom FM.

If I use selection function 300 (custom selection), does the original ins lot also required to be UD-ed?




I can't be sure. I haven't delved into the FM that selects the lots that deeply myself.

But a programmer should be able to tell you fairly quickly.

If your admin puts in the results, then you can't do a copy of results anyway before the UD.

You could maybe look at reducing the wait time for the UD program and also run it more often, say every ten minutes, which is not unusual at all.