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Jul 12, 2007 at 05:29 AM

credit management ?




Pls clarify the following.

1. How can we maintain credit management as material specific ?

2. How can we maintain division specific credit management ? eg :- High end products 10 lacs, Low end products :- 5 lacs.

3. How can I maintain credit management distribution channel specific ? Whole sellers :- 20lacs Retailers :- 10 lacs.

4. Can I maintain credit limits for individual customer groups.

5. What is the function of customer group feild in FD32 (Its not a list field (f4) its an absolute entry) ?

6. How can I maintain joint credit limits ? Eg :- 5 lacs for A and B customers.

Can anyone explain the utility of assigning credit control area to sales area. I have assigned a credit control area eg:- A assigned to company code X and assigned to SALES AREA of X.

I tried to assign A to SALES AREA of company code Y. The system has not given any error.

As we know one company code cannot have two credit control areas.

Pls explain in detail.