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New items cannot be added to Discount Groups through DTW

Jul 20, 2017 at 03:29 PM


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Dear specialists,

I'm trying to update item discounts for customer groups for a specific customer group in the Discount Groups module, through DTW. After a lot of trial and error, with DTW refusing my imports for various unclear reasons, I finally realized I can only update discounts for items already assigned to this specific discount group. It seems impossible to add items to the discount group, as SAP will not recognize the AbsEntry (unique ID of the discount group).

It doesn't matter whether I choose to update only, or add and update in DTW, the program returns 'Enter valid codes' for key 41, even though 41 is the AbsEntry of this Discount Group, and the exact same import file works well with items existing in the Discount Group.

I'm uploading this data:

AbsEntry Type ObjectCode DiscountRelations Active
AbsEntry Type ObjectCode DiscountRelations Active
41 dgt_CustomerGroup 133 dgrLowestDiscount tYES

And for the rows:

ParentKey LineNum AbsEntry ObjectType ObjectCode DiscountType Discount
ParentKey LineNum AbsEntry ObjectType ObjectCod eDiscountType Discount
41 0 41 dgboItems MMQA2B/A dgdt_Fixed 10.2

De LinNum seems to be irrelevant, as it is not recorded in the databases, but needs to be filled out regardless. This works fine for items already included in the Discount Group (EDG1 where AbsEntry = 41) but not when the item is not included.

Does anyone have a clue whether this is by design, if it is an issue or whether I am doing something wrong.

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