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pricing procedures

hi all sd gurus,

just wud like to know how many pricing procedures does a company will have?

i know it also depends on the bussines senarios,but usally how many will be there in normal circumstances?

and plese let me know few bussines senarios where we can have different pricing procedures

thanks regards


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4 Answers

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    Jul 12, 2007 at 05:08 AM

    It completely depends on how the pricing schema works for a sales org. There can be just one pp for the entire sales, also there can be as much as 20pps for an implementation+roll out scenario.

    A wholesale and Retail can have different ways of pricing the customer, for ex a retail customer will not have some discounts which are meant for a dealer. Similarly a wholesale customer can have some quantity based discounts, which may not be applciabel for retail customer, and so on.

    In our project, we have 4pp per country and 6 countries so far. We have another 21countries about to go live in next 3years. Imagine!!!

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    Former Member
    Jul 12, 2007 at 05:14 AM

    HI refer below

    for e.g. in CIN u can have

    JINFAC (Sales from manufacturing plants)

    JINEXP (Export sales)

    JINDEP (Sales from depots)

    JINSTK (Stock transfers

    apart from this in standard scenario u can have

    You would need to maintain different pricing procedures in case you have 2

    seperate sales orgs who have completely different sales practices. To have

    too many condition types in 1 pr.procedure would not be a practical

    proposition is what I believe.

    You can create diff pric procedure for diff business requirement like,

    1. Domestic sale

    2. Export sale

    3. Stock transfers

    4. Inter company sale etc etc

    For sales returns it would be advisable to keep the same pricing procedure since you need tp copy all price elemenst that are there in source doc.

    You can created copy control variation depending on your requirement by choosing right Price Type.

    You have a condition type ( ZA01) which needs to be applied when u do Sales for a particular Sales org. Having One Pricing procedure will not be sufficient to satisfy both the Sales practices.. so u create one more and attach it to the other Sales org.

    Again, this is just an example.. it's not mandatory that this should be reason for having 2 pricing procedures... It all depends on your( CLIENT) Business needs.

    Also, What Clydie pointed out is correct "We are not here to do the home work"... Better create some PP, Condition and try it and ask some issues realted to that.

    As far as business, it's better if you are learning after entering CLIENT's place.

    Scenario Pricing Condition:

    1. Would like to give a discount based on the total volume of sales.

    2. Would like to apply freight based on the basic price PR00.

    3. Would like to apply rebate agreement based on PAYER.

    a lot of requirement would be there for you to create PP

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    Former Member
    Jul 12, 2007 at 05:15 AM

    Ideally around 4-5 depending on the scenarios. If the priing calculation is more or less simialr, then it should be clubbed in same pricing procedure.

    Myexperience is h I have clubbed up pricing procedure of 7 counties into one pricing procedure, as only taxes differ & based on condition record (triggering sales organization).


    Rajesh Banka

    reward suitable points.

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    Former Member
    Jul 12, 2007 at 09:34 AM

    Hi Vivek,

    It is totally dependent with which client you are working on and client's bussiness process and number of bussiness scenarioes.

    Normally we need 4-5 different pricing procedures in project.Eg:-

    1.For normal sale

    2.Intercompany sales

    3.Third pary sales

    4.Return process

    5.Export scenario

    The less you keep the number better for you 😊 to support those 😊

    Reward points if useful


    Amrish Purohit

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