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Jul 20, 2017 at 02:45 PM

Question Driven to Power Designer Support Team


To Power Designer Support Team.


I have a simple question about Power Designer Concept and Premise. I work on SQLTech consultancy, and we are Power Designer users (data administrator). We support a credit card processing company which is developing a huge project.


We have a data model family which is composed by five (5) data models. It is usually often to define relationships between data objects of diffetent data models. So far so good.

We finished the release 1 of this project and we are now working on release 2. Recently, the data administrator that is employed by the client , and which also leads the data administrators of our consultancy, decided to keep the data models family of RELEASE 1 stored under the same ROOT FOLDER where we are also storing the data models family of RELEASE 2.

Since then, we are facing different kind o problems while working on the models. The problems vary from replication of data objects such as constraints and atributes, to issues related to loss of metadata.

Considering this short explanation, I firstly need to ask:

Is it correct to keep replicated copies of the same data model under the same ROOT FOLDER?!?

We did not have such problems before working like that!

Waiting for you answer!

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards!

Luciano Pontes.