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RTC questions

Hi gurus:

3 straight questions (I m working in S4H 1610 FS002 Real Time Consolidation):

1) how can I create a hierarchy for /ERP/AUDIT or /ERP/ICOMP? Similar like the ParenthXX hierarchies that we used to create in BPC Classic....I need this for my AO reports on the top of the aggregation level.

2) Some of my reports use Company Code for some filters, should I use /ERP/ECOMP or /ERP/COMPCODE??

3) How can I explain to the user that now he is going to have 2 dimension
(/ERP/ECOMP and /ERP/COMPCODE) for the same purpose? It has no sense.



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1 Answer

  • Jul 25, 2017 at 11:50 PM


    1- Create and maintain the hierarchy in BW.

    2- The consolidation report should ECOMP and ICOMP, or EPRCTR and IPRCTR and this will lookup to the entity fields you've defined in your consolidation entity definition.

    3- They're not necessarily the same thing. ECOMP look up with the ENTITY fields from the RTC views, which will loop the entity mapping table.

    In the delivered content, the legal entity field is RCOMP - Company which is not the same thing as Company Code. I believe the reason for that is because if you have Journal Entities for example, it's way easier to create them as companies that as company codes to have them available in RTC.



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