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Jul 11, 2007 at 08:33 PM

TAX posting during GR


<b>Can TAX be displayed during GR?</b>

we have storage locations all over US under plant X

There are few states who don't collect tax( I guess you must be knowing.)

While creating PO.

Users know if it is taxable/ non taxable state.

Depending on that they give the Taxcode.

01- taxable

02 - Non taxable

Lets us say material price is $ 100 for EA

if given 01 in PO it is 100 + tax ; say $ 105

if given 02 in PO it is 100 + 0 ; say $ 100

now when i am making GR , this $ 5 is being posted to PRD account ; which is so called Price difference in SAP terms.

In reality its not price difference , its a TAX.

So now i want this $ 5 to move separate account.

its possible only by splitting PRD account ( i believe) ,

<b>I have a way to differentiate tax through TAX code in PO.</b>

I can post tax,here $5 to specific G/L by FTXP ( tax config).

If i use this option i have these entries at GR

PK -89 Finished Goods ---100

PK -96 GR/IR Account ---100

At MIRO i get this tax posting is diaplyed.

Vendor acct- 105

Gr/Ir account - 100

tax account - 5 ( this is directed to the GL specified in FTXP)

I know its standard way , thats how Tax config works.

is there any way through which i can get it posted during GR.

Like below

PK -89 Finished Goods ---100

PK -96 GR/IR Account ---104

PK - XX tax acount- 4

Is this not possible in SAP standard?

ultimately i want the tax posted/displayed at the time of GR.

we can use NAVM,NAVS, MWST or anyother condition type to bring tax value into pricing procedure.

but how to post--to different GL.

Thanks for your time guys.