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Jul 24, 2017 at 06:54 PM

Windows /sapmnt not available and Windows Remote Desktop unreachable when SAP Instance is running


Hi guys

I'm experiencing an odd issue lately with SAP Instances Running in Windows 2012 Platforms

I undestand is independent from Database since it occured with SQL Server or ASE.

Usually it occurs after Updating SAPHOSTAGENT since it usually happens when executing a SAP Upgrade, but i cannot confirm it.

Basically, when SAP Instance is running after a couple of hourse, suddenly I may be unable to access Windows Terminal Service or when accessing /<SERVERNAME>/sapmnt/SID in File Explorer

When stopping the Instance remotely, i gain access again to Windows Terminal Services and /sapmnt/SID is accesible again.

All SAP Services are running, so it only affects Windows Ports.

I couldnt find any SAP note stating this issue, so I hope anyone in the forum may be able to help on this.