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Windows /sapmnt not available and Windows Remote Desktop unreachable when SAP Instance is running

Hi guys

I'm experiencing an odd issue lately with SAP Instances Running in Windows 2012 Platforms

I undestand is independent from Database since it occured with SQL Server or ASE.

Usually it occurs after Updating SAPHOSTAGENT since it usually happens when executing a SAP Upgrade, but i cannot confirm it.

Basically, when SAP Instance is running after a couple of hourse, suddenly I may be unable to access Windows Terminal Service or when accessing /<SERVERNAME>/sapmnt/SID in File Explorer

When stopping the Instance remotely, i gain access again to Windows Terminal Services and /sapmnt/SID is accesible again.

All SAP Services are running, so it only affects Windows Ports.

I couldnt find any SAP note stating this issue, so I hope anyone in the forum may be able to help on this.


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2 Answers

  • Jul 26, 2017 at 05:01 AM

    Hi Martin.

    1. Have you disable the firewall settings in windows 2012 server?

    2. Check the windows event viewer any port error message ?



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    • Hi SS

      Thanks for your comments

      Yep, Firewall is disabled, since Im able to access server without problem at any time, it just happens in a quite odd situations.

      I will check for Port Error messages if it occurs again.



  • Jul 26, 2017 at 06:36 AM

    Hello Martin,

    you said, your SAP system is still working, but you're unable to connect via RDP to the Windows host anymore?

    This is indeed a strange issue. I think you have a memory leak, handle leak, socket leak ... something like that. After some time of operations, RDP is no longer possible. If you then stop the SAP system via remote SAP MMC or sapcontrol.exe, then the resources are released and you can connect again.

    Check your Windows OS after SAP is running for a while.

    1. Taskmanager: memory, handles, paged pool, non-paged pool

    2. netstat -anob ... shows normal behavior?

    3. look for entries in Windows Event Viewer -> Systemlog for memory or network related entries

    Best regards,


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    • Hi Kalle

      Thanks for your comments.

      Indeed, its quite odd, and happened in two different customers, with different virtualization and Infrastructure

      The only common factor is happened after upgrading SAPHOSTCONTROL and running SUM processs both in Windows 2012 Servers.

      But yeah, after a while, I cannot state an exact point, but /sapmnt became unreachable from another server in the same network and unable also to access RDP remotely from my terminal

      The only workaround is stopping SAP remotely and as soon SAP Services are down, I gain access again.

      In the meanwhile, SAP is running without issues, and able to access it via SAP GUI.

      I will check the recommendations you suggest, but Its does not appear to be a memory leak since one server has 64GB and other 128GB, so there was plenty of memory available

      My hint is that somehow SAP block some Windows Ports.