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Jul 24, 2017 at 04:51 PM

Returning A/R Reserve Invoices after one/more item already Delivered


Hello To all,

This is my first question in this area, and i'm new to SAP Business one.

Please imagine this cenario:

I sell to my client, and he/she will pay me before i deliver the goods. Because of company determinations, we don´t use a/r down payments, we use A/R Reserve invoice

everything goes well and some items from the reserve invoice are delivered, and then the client decides to cancel one item from the purchase. I need to return this specific item from the Invoice, but can´t find how to do it:

first i tried to copy for returning invoice, but it´s only possible if nothing has been delivered yet. after delivering one item, i can´t return the invoice, even partially

seconf, i tried to create from scratch a returning invoice:

first problem: the returning invoice updated the stock quantity. solved by manually decrease the stock

second problem, still not soved: can´t "close the line", in the a/r reserve invoice.

any suggestions?

thank you in advance