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Jul 24, 2017 at 03:52 PM

Converting file coming in main payload as attachment with SOAP channel in synchronous response flow.


Hi Experts,

I have developed a synchronous interface from ECC(Proxy) <--> PI 7.31(Single Stack) <--> 3rd party system(connected with SOAP over HTTPS), which is working fine as of now.

Message flow is like, ECC(SOAP over XI) -> PI(mapping exists) -> SOAP(https), after hitting the URL in receiver SOAP channel, a file will be coming back as main payload in response.

file coming as response will be delivered to ECC proxy as main payload. No mapping in response flow exists.

Requirement is like need to convert this file coming as main payload in response is to convert as attachment and send it to ECC.

Any suggestions in completing this requirement to convert the file in mainpayload to attachment only in response flow.?