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Jul 11, 2007 at 04:11 PM

Real-Time data aquisition - BI 7.0


Using RDA, I understand that data can be extracted to BW on nearly a real time basis to PSA to ODS.

1) My question is can this data be available for reporting right away or will it be available for reporting only after activating.

2) I read that in the config setting 'automatic request closure functionality' , you have to specify hrs or days. Does that mean I have to wait a min of 1 hr to activate the data to be available for reporting..Or I am thinking wrong here

3) What's really fundementally different from 3.5 vs 7.0 RDA functionality. If I think, I can do multiple extractions every 5 min via scheduling to simulate the same RDA feature..Is that true or I am missing some key difference