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Jul 11, 2007 at 01:44 PM

How to provide F4 help for a field in table control


Hi Friends,

I have requirement like below.

1.Create one custom transaction code with header and item information.

2.In item level, we will be designed table control to enter/display the data.

3.Table control’s first field will be material number and next DOT number (Material may have many DOT numbers) and so on.

4.First user will enter material number in the table control’s first row’s first field and go to DOT number field.

5.DOT number has drop down option. If user selects drop down box of DOT number, he gets all the DOT numbers available in database. User selects one DOT number and double clicks on it then it will be populated in DOT number field box.

But for point number 5, business wants like when ever user enters material number in table control first field then select DOT number’s drop down then they want to see the particular material’s DOT numbers only in the drop down list for selection. Not all DOT numbers available in data base. Same thing should happen for all item lines in table control.

Please see below example.

Assume data base table has 10 DOT numbers. But material number has only 2 DOT numbers. When ever user enters material number in item level table control and selects DOT number’s drop down then it should show only 2 DOT numbers which are related to particular material number. Not all 10 DOT numbers.

Could you please suggest me, how can we achieve this?