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Former Member
Jul 24, 2017 at 10:40 AM

Filter text for several words that must all be contained 'AND' and not 'OR'


Hello everyone,

I am trying to do a simple text analysis for certain keywords in Lumira 2.0 (or 1.31) where all keywords must be maintained in the text.

From what I understand (please correct me if I am wrong) the 'Contains' filter allows several keywords but they only work as an 'OR' so I will get positive result if Keyword1 OR Keyword2 is in the text. I am looking for a way that should only find the data that contains Keyword1 AND Keyword2.

Eg. Find all results that contain the words (in a text) 'Vanilla' AND 'ice-cream' instead of 'vanilla' OR 'ice-cream'

Not sure if this is possible via the 'Filter' option.