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Former Member
Jul 11, 2007 at 09:28 AM

Clring Acct, Exchange rate difference error


Hi Guys,

I am unable to clear the GL Acct. It has a zero balance in USD but 0.06 balance in AED. T/C F-03 used in AED or USD gives me the following error message.

<b>Ex.rate diff.accts are incomplete for account 0000416723 currency AED

Message no. F5063</b>


The accounts for posting exchange rate differences could not be determined. For the specified G/L account and the specified currency key, the accounts are only specified incompletely. Either the accounts for the implemented exchange rate difference, the accounts for the valuation differences or the balance sheet adjustment account are missing.

<b>System response</b>

The system cannot generate the exchange rate difference posting.


By pressing ENTER, you achieve that the document is reset to a status without automatic posting. In another window, you can complete default settings for exchange rate differences and post the document afterwards.