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Jul 11, 2007 at 08:14 AM

Display quantity in alternate unit



My requirement is to include quantity in both base unit and alternate unit in almost every report. I enhanced 0MATERIAL_ATTR datasouce for alternate unit and included alternate unit ( As Unit) , Denominator(as Key figure:Number) and Numerator(As Key figure:Number) in 0MATERIAL infoobject.

Now in report I am able to do conversion Quantity*denominator/Numerator using calculated key figure. But I am not able to associate alternate unit with this new quantity. By using NODIM function in report base unit field can be disabled but the question is how to display alternate unit next to this quantity.

Just a thought, is it a better idea to do these conversions in start routine and update routine rather than doing it at report level. How will alternate unit work in this case ?

Thanks and regards

Shilpa Bansal