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Jul 11, 2007 at 07:43 AM

Itab with data from VBFA



for an sales order i found some entries in the VBFA and have will fill this

data in an internal table. I have to select only delivery, goods movement and Invoice for an sales order. Finding this data is no problem but i have problems

to fill the internal table.

DATA: begin of itab occurs 0,

vbeln_s like vbfa-vbelv, "Sales Order

vbeln_j like vbfa-vbeln, "Delivery

vbeln_r like vbfa-vbeln, "Goods movement

vbeln_m like vbfa-vbeln, "Invoice.

end of itab.

the itab shell be filled like this with 3 Deliveries and 5 invoices:

vbeln_s vbeln_j vbeln_r vbeln_m

2121 80000001 4900000001 90000001

2121 80000002 4900000002 90000002

2121 80000003 4900000003 90000003

2121 90000004

2121 90000005

Any idea? Thanks.

Regards, Dieter

The values 90000004 and 90000005 shell be under vbeln_M


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